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Fellow Thriver,
Are you stressed out? Anxious? Overwhelmed?

Do you have so much to do and not enough energy to get it all done?

Are you in pain?

Struggling with a disease? An injury?

Tired of just surviving?

Or are you just ready to take your life to the next level?

Are you ready to start thriving?!?

You are not alone.

There are billions of other people in the world, and we all experience stress in some form or another.

There are numerous studies and articles out there that show the dangers of stress and how it’s linked with heart disease, cancer, and other degenerative diseases.

With information overload and a faster pace of life than ever before in human history, stress is so normal and most people don’t even realize just how much stress there body is actually experiencing.

But what if I told you I had a solution that would give you powerful strategies for processing stress?

What if you already had everything you need to live a life beyond stress and just surviving lying within you right now?

What if the states of abundance and energy were actually just your baseline?

I know this to be true…and it wasn’t always like this for me.

My name is Dr. Tracy Ransome and 8 years ago I moved from New York City to Los Angeles.

I was living the high stress life of an actress, hustling all the time, driving all around the city going to auditions and gigs.

I always had to be at my best, perform, and constantly put myself out of my comfort zone.

I was having migraines about once a month, felt anxious and often overwhelmed with work.

I was hungry to find something that would help me take my life to the next level!

And oh did I find it!

I found something more amazing than I ever knew possible!

It existed in the realm of what I didn’t know I didn’t know.

It totally turned my world upside down in an amazing way!

And I want to share it with you because it’s not just life changing…it’s world changing!

I still vividly remember that day in my apartment in Los Angeles.

I was on the phone with a close friend who was in Denver at the time.

He had gone to a program called The Transformational Gate to receive Network Care (a unique, gentle and powerful type of Chiropractic that unleashes the healing power of the body-mind-spirit) from Dr. Donny Epstein and some of his top practitioners.

What he was telling me sounded so amazing!

“Tracy! It was so awesome! In my last session I felt this intense love and saw this beautiful light!” He told me.

After we hung up I was walking around my apartment and suddenly felt like I needed to lay down.

I started breathing heavily and felt this intense love wash over me.

A lightness flowed throughout all of me as my chest started to lift up off of my bed!

I actually got a little scared because I’d never experienced something like this before and it felt like I could keep going!

Then I felt a timelessness.

A spaciousness.

A nothingness and an everythingness.

A sacredness.

And ultimately, a feeling of love, light, bliss and gratitude on a level I didn’t even know was possible.

That was my first intense taste of oneness & it tasted so good!

I had always believed in a higher power.

But this time, I experienced it as an embodied experience with a level of unconditional love that is beyond words.

The next day I had my first session of Network Care and the oneness experience happened again along with an increased level of clarity and intuitive ability.

Network Care includes a combination of multiple modalities: Network Spinal Analysis, Somato Respiratory Integration and other principles for optimal living.

I was so blown away by these experiences with Network Care.

They were a full on upgrade for my nervous system.

Something I’d never experienced before...let alone knew was possible.

My self-awareness expanded to high definition. Everything felt health, my relationships, my mindset, and my emotions.

There was more peace in my body, mind, and spirit and the migraine headaches completely went away.

Its no wonder that incredible transformational leaders like Tony Robbins have referred to Network Care as one of the most powerful, transformative healing modalities they’ve ever seen and experienced.

After receiving some sessions of Network Care, I was hooked. So hooked that I wanted to become a practitioner myself.

So, I took a big leap in my life by enrolling in chiropractic school to become a chiropractic doctor so I could share this work with others.

Over the past 8 years I have attended numerous Network Chiropractic seminars and premier programs so that I may give the best care possible.

And today…

I want to share some of this amazing work with you!

It’s called Somato Respiratory Integration!

What is SRI:

SRI stands for Somato (Body) Respiratory (Breath) Integration.

Its an evolutionary tool for expanding self-awareness, activating the nervous system and unlocking human potential.

SRI includes 12 exercises, each of which helps activate a different aspect of our human potential and consciousness.

Each exercise takes an average of 1-3 minutes to do and does not require any special equipment.

You can do them in the comfort of your home, on the beach, in the car, in the gym, at work, wherever you have a space to focus and expand your self-awareness of your body-mind-spirit.

The SRI exercises are designed to help the brain to reconnect with the body and its experience.

The goal of SRI is to help you develop lifetime skills, safety, strength, wisdom and love in relationship to the experience of your body, its vibration, structure and energy.

Through reconnecting you through breath, touch, focused movement, and attention, you are able to experience your body more fully and instantly shift your state of consciousness to one that supports trust for your body-mind and life experience.

How SRI has changed lives:

“Joe” was on a quest to find out how he could solve his health challenge. He had ringing in his left ear and his right ear was starting to feel a sense of fullness, which resulted in frequent drop attacks. He’d be working and spontaneously fall to the floor, losing all balance. His quest led him to my office and fortunately for him, after just one session and learning SRI...he immediately felt a sense of connection to his body he hadn’t for a long time. The next time I saw him, he told him that his drop attacks had stopped. He said he’d been doing SRI a few times a day. Anytime he feels any stress, he stops and does SRI. Because of the amazing results he’s gotten from it, he’s even gone on to guide others through SRI and share their remarkable transformational stories.

“Mark” had been suffering with severe back pain for years. He started receiving NSA sessions and was consistent with SRI. The pain he thought would never vanish did so shortly after integrating SRI regularly into his life.

“Chuck” came into the office. After receiving an NSA session and doing SRI, he told me, “I can feel the bottom of my feet!” Surprised, I asked him if that’s normal for him. He told me that after being diagnosed with diabetes he had been experiencing some nerve damage. He hadn’t been able to feel the bottoms of his feet. After just one session, he had already regained connection.

“Courtney” had been experiencing back pain for a while. She did SRI and instantly had a self-awareness moment that she had been rushing through her life, feeling tense and stressed all the time. Her shoulders were uptight and she wasn’t breathing fully. SRI helped her move from fight-flight to peace within seconds. After changing her pace and posture in life with SRI, she’s felt dramatic reduction of stress and much more peace, ease and flow in life!

Inside the THRIVE with SRI program, Abundance and Ease become the natural way of being!

Inside the THRIVE with SRI program:

You’ll find 12 powerful modules, each leading you step by step with videos through the 12 Stages of SRI. All of the videos and exercises are designed to give you upgraded strategies for processing stress and accessing peak energy states so you can create the life of your dreams!

You’ll be given a digital personal awareness exercise journal where you’re encouraged to document your experiences after each SRI exercise so that you expand your self-awareness.

You’ll receive exclusive access to our private members-only Facebook group where you’ll have direct access to me for any of your questions. You’ll have access to exclusive blog posts geared to support your body mind spirit in thriving and you’ll be connected to other amazing people who are wanting to live their best life possible & THRIVE!

You’ll have access to 3 live group coaching calls where you’ll gain exclusive access to ask me any questions you have to optimize your life experience with SRI. You’ll also be gaining premier content I’ve learned personally from Donny Epstein so you have more strategies to thrive in all areas of your life. If you can't happen to make it, you'll have access to the recording and all previous recordings.

Plus, I’ll be adding updated content and videos directly to the online portal, which you’ll have lifetime access to.

Here’s What We’re Going To Cover In Our Next 90 Days Together:

Stage 1 - Instant Connection to your body: learn how to instantly go from stress to peace in as little as one breath. Move from fight-flight mode to healing mode so your body’s energy can go towards healing and rejuvenation.

Stage 2 - Emotional mastery: learn how to naturally experience and express a wider range of emotions. Peace and acceptance with all emotions becomes natural after moving through Stage 2.

Stage 3 - How to get yourself unstuck: find exactly where you’re all tied up on your body and breakthrough with power like a jack in the box.

Stage 4 - Claim your unlimited personal power: learn about the energy behind setting higher standards as you fully leap into the fabric of what you’re made of. Claim the life you deserve and break open the door for transformation. By the time you’re at stage 4, you’re already a new you.

Stage 5 - See through all the BS: experience the truth of what’s really going on in your life, in the lives of others, as you pull back the curtain to the heart of the matter and expand perspective for what truly matters. Break through your limiting beliefs and realize what’s been limiting you that you haven’t even been aware of.

Stage 6 - Massive productivity: naturally take on the psychology and massive action to prepare for a life beyond what you could previously imagine. Your psychology and energy will be fully connected with doing whatever it takes to create the life your deserve. At this point, you’re fully in for the ride of transformation.

Stage 7 - Transformation & Resolution: what you once had a charge on or difficulty being with is effortlessly accepted. You change. Your perspectives change. Your habits change. Life will never be the same again. Life is now at a higher baseline and empowerment is your natural state. You’ve broken through previous barriers and life is lived at a whole new level.

Stage 8 - Emptiness In Connectedness: experience effortless flow. Experience a state of emptiness, which is actually a state of “everything-ness”. Experience “the gap” from which all creativity, insights and intuition come from as a regular experience of life. Serendipity becomes a natural experience of life.

Stage 9 - Light Behind The Form: Feel joy, gratitude, and amazement for the energy that flows through you and connects everything you observe and experience. Recognize the souls of those around you with greater ease, creating more harmonious and loving relationships.

Stage 10 - Ascent: Become the energy, become the consciousness, become the love. Experience the power of life flowing through you as you experience divine guidance moment by moment. The intelligence beyond the rational mind becomes the guiding power for your life and the decisions you make, bringing you to your highest destiny.

Stage 11 - Descent: Feel your connection to the matrix of all creation, its love, power, and understanding. You naturally take embodied actions to bless all those who came before you and after you with your innate gifts and wisdom. The amount of energy and light you bring to the space around you is the gift that keeps on giving.

Stage 12 - Community: Experience coming home, acceptance of others as fellow souls or travelers and a passion for synchronicity. Experience an unconditional love from and for all of life…something words can not do justice to describe. Evolutionary insights, ideas, perspectives and consciousness become a regular experience of life. Instant knowing and intuition guide your decisions in your life, so that you are living congruent with your energetic nature and the purpose of your incarnation. Life takes on a whole new level of sacred as you embody the sacredness of life.

So…Are You Ready to Take Your Life to the Next Level & THRIVE?

If you’re still with me, I feel it’s fair to say that you have a hunger for more in your life…

More happiness, more magical moments, more love, more abundance.

You have a hunger to THRIVE.

And you were meant to THRIVE.

You were made to THRIVE.

You deserve to THRIVE.

And I want you and all your loved ones to THRIVE.

So I urge you: don’t let another year or two (or even 5, 10 or 20!) pass you by.

If you’ve been wanting to take your life to the next level…

I invite you to take my hand and let me and my incredible community of Thrivers inside the THRIVE with SRI Online Program help you make it a reality.

We’ve got a very exciting 90 days ahead!

So if you’re ready to finally take that step forward towards living your BEST life as your BEST self…

I would love for you to join us!

Get started now by signing up below.

I’ll see you inside!

To your Thriving,

Dr. Tracy

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